A Question of Liberty -what is freedom?


Question the concept of freedom and you are likely to get many different responses, each response will depend upon the current perceived level of freedom of the person questioned.!

All responses should include, the ability to do anything that you want to, so long your actions don’t harm, takeaway or damage others property or impede their ability to pursue the freedom and liberty that they seek.

So how free are we? What stops you from doing what you want to within the statement above? The answer? Nothing does, unless it’s against the law.

Think about the very simple laws that exist? Take the seat belt law for example, it’s against the law to drive your car without a seat belt, also passengers must wear them if travelling in the vehicle.

Don’t get me wrong, I wear a seatbelt every time I drive, I believe that it will help to save my life, do I need a law to tell me this? No, of cause not! If I didn’t wear a seat belt would I do harm to others, takeaway or damage their property? No!

You could argue that if a passenger didn’t wear a seatbelt then they have chance of injuring someone else in the vehicle should they crash. Then in that scenario, with or without law, if the person refused the to wear the seatbelt and the driver / other passengers¬† insisted, then the person has a choice, wear it or find another way to travel.

So why do we have a law for this? laws are created for control of the people, they are generally created to for the minority of stupid people, but of cause affect everyone. Every additional law created restricts your freedom in some way whether you believe it at this point in time, but they are sold to you as protection, for your own good, and for that reason we accept them.

So what happens if you forget to wear your seatbelt and get caught? You may receive a fine?

What if you refuse to pay the fine? Then you may land yourself in court with a even bigger fine.

Refuse to pay that? Then you may go to jail!

Just to reiterate, for not wearing your seatbelt, could land you in Jail! This could then affect and restrict your whole future! All for a law that shouldn’t exist and hurts no one else if its not carried out.

Now, think of all of the other laws that are created to “protect” you, and ask if they weren’t there what would happen?

New laws are created all of the time, Every time one is passed, your liberties are eroded.

Ask yourself again”how free are we?”


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