Left or Right? Right or Wrong?


I have always been one of those that when surveyed with a question that was seeking one of two answers, always struggled to find an answer that 100% suited my outlook or opinion. In my younger days I was led to believe that I was ‘middle of the road’ or ‘on the fence’ basically indecisive, but for me, my answer required more information or could be both options combined, but more often enough posed a further question back or a, ‘it depends’.

It took me a long time to realise that my analysis was perfectly normal and actually a far better, but did not fit with what the government / schooling required.

The problem lies with this indoctrination at early age, to condition you to the dichotomy of right or wrong, black or white options.

If you haven’t already, then free your mind from the cognitive conditioning, stop wasting energy and precious time over things that are not in your circle of influence and focus on those things within your grasp.



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