Illegal Speed Bumps – UK Rant!

This has been a beef of mine for many years. As someone who travels a great deal for a living (40k+ miles per year) I see many frustrations with the road network, operations, and people that use them, speed bumps are one of those things that I just don’t agree with in their current format.

30 mph sign

As an advanced driver, I don’t entirely agree with speed limits, in my view if everyone drove to the same set of guidelines the system would work just fine with only advisory speed limits indicated for sections of road that really needed them, like sharp bends, and even then the standard indications (signs, road markings, hedgerows, tree lines and now SatNav) provide enough information to the observant driver.

parked cars

So the laws and limits enforced are as always there for those that don’t pay attention or are intent on breaking the rules anyway, but as usual everyone has to suffer.

Speed bumps in my opinion should at least allow you to travel over them without incurring potential damage to you vehicle at the limit of the road. So in a 30 MPH area you should be able to drive over at 25 to 30MPH without feeling that you’ve just ripped out the suspension!

Short rant – but I did find a link to others that have carried on the fight further –

and the general ‘law’




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